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Oct. 1926

Started the production and sales of textile finishes and lubricants

at Tsumori-cho in Osaka
Mar. 1939

Reorganized Matsumoto & Co., and established Matsumoto Yushi-Seiyaku Co., with a capital of 100,000 Yen.

May. 1941 Established Tokyo Branch Office and Nagoya Branch Office (which was expanded into Nagoya Sales Office in 1959)
Jan. 1942 Started the production and sales of cutting oils and rust-preventive detergents.
Aug. 1946 In our operations as a manufacturer of processing oils, earned the title of Designated Plant by the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI)
Oct. 1948 Relocated the head office plant site to Yao which is the present site
Apr. 1950 Established Onomichi Branch Office (which was expanded into Hiroshima Sales Office in 1958)
Jun. 1952 Commissioned the production facility for nonionic and cationic surfactants
Sep. 1957 Commissioned the Methylcellulose plant
Jun. 1958 Established Kanazawa Branch Office (expanded into Kanazawa Sales Office in 1960)
Dec. 1958 Established Osaka Branch Office (expanded into Osaka Sales Office in 1960)
May. 1960 Expanded the production facilities for the manufacture of all types of Spin Finish Oils.
Feb. 1964 Started the manufacture and sales of emulsifiers for agrochemicals
May. 1969 Established Lissom Chemical Industries., Ltd., a joint venture in Taiwan
Aug. 1970 Expanded the production facilities for the manufacture of synthetic resin sizes
Oct. 1970

Established Nippon Quaker Chemical, Ltd., a joint venture with Quaker Chemical Corporation, U.S.A.

Dec. 1970 Commissioned the plant for producing iron, steel and metal processing lubricants
Jun. 1974 Constructed a new building lab for research activities at the site of head office
Nov. 1977 Commissioned phase-1 of Shizuoka plant
Mar. 1979

Commissioned the plant for producing Matsumoto Microsphere products

Apr. 1980 Started the marketing of Stereo Copying System for the vision disabled in which Microsphere Technology is a key component.
Apr. 1985 Expanded the production facilities for Matsumoto Microphere products in Shizuoka plant.
Aug. 1987 Commissioned the gas based Co-Generation plant whose objective being to improve energy efficiency.
Nov. 1987 Commissioned the facility for the production of industrial grade Synthetic Diamond.
May. 1990 Earned the prize of The Society of Polymer Science, Japan (SPSJ)
Sep. 1990 Introduced the process and facility for dewatering-drying-expanding of Microcapsule products in Shizuoka plant.
Dec. 1990 Installed a computer controlled oils and fats dry-melting furnace.
Nov. 1991

Listed over-the-counter stock exchange

Jan. 1992 Established P.T. Matsumoto –Yushi Indonesia Co., Ltd.
Apr. 1994 Constructed the second Research lab building.
Mar. 1995 Achieved ISO 9001 Standard certification (Headquarters Plant)
Mar. 1998 Achieved ISO 14001 Standard certification (Headquarters Plant)
Dec. 2004 Listed in the Jasdaq securities exchange
Nov. 2007 Installed a new type of gas cogeneration facility
Oct. 2008 Scheduled to inaugurate the kick-start of Osaka Plant located in Takaishi, Osaka Prefecture.
Apr. 2017 Integrated Nagoya Sales Office and Hiroshima Sales Office into Osaka Sales Office and Kanazawa Sales Office