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About Us

Performance Chemicals for meeting various customer needs.

As a manufacturer of surfactants and owing to the far-reaching range of our products we, Matsumoto Yushi- Seiyaku Co., Ltd, not only contribute to the betterment of life in its various daily forms, but we also make our presence strongly felt by widely contributing to the industrial world at large.

To some, the word ‘Surfactants’ may sound remote and even ambiguous. They act to reduce interfacial tension. Perhaps the simplest way to explain what they are is by listing a few of their most well known functions; that is by what they do, such as:

  • Allowing non-miscible bodies to mix well and homogeneously into a single body
  • Acting superbly on and removing soil
  • Foaming in or de-foaming a liquid
  • Wetting into and penetrating among tightly adhered surfaces

Besides, it is in the field of Surface Science, which often intrigues the observer with its mysterious world and where the possibilities seem to be limitless, that Matsumoto Group finds its habitat to grow.

We started our operations in 1926 which corresponds to the 15th year of the Taisho Era. Ever since, and as a manufacturer of Surfactants growing side by side with the man-made fiber industry, we have pursued in dedication the research, development, manufacture and supply of products which meet needs of the textile industry at large.
Interestingly, our products cater to the needs of the total textile value chain. To the upstream of the industry we supply spin finishes, to the midstream we supply sizing chemicals and, to the downstream we supply other auxiliaries which could be used in the dyeing and finishing processes.

Being indispensable in each stage of the manufacture and processing of man-made, such as nylon, polyester and carbonfiber, and natural fibers,our products, such as spin finishes and other auxiliaries which derive their existence from surfactants, have remarkably contributed to the growth and development of the textile industry at large.

Further, and in order to be closer to the customer, we have set up joint-ventures and production facilities in countries such as Taiwan and Indonesia so that products like sizing chemicals and spinning lubricants are also supplied to local customers in exact conformity to the Standards we maintain in Japan.

In the non-textile field, we have a number of developments to our credit. Owing to the solid base of surfactant technology we have built over the years, we are also supplying a number of performance chemicals to various industries and for various applications.
In 1957, and the first of its kind in Japan, we started the manufacture and sales of ‘Methylcellulose’ using our own technology. Ever since, our Methylcellulose products have been used in and adding value to industries such as civil engineering, construction and ceramics.
Besides, and in our recent past, we developed another highly functional product which is a polymeric thermo-expandable microcapsule. This microcapsule product, which is supplied in a number of grades, goes into applications ranging from wallpaper to automobile, paint, textile printing inks where they provide 3D effect, light-weight effect by their non conventional foaming function, thermal or sound insulation effect, cushioning effect, thus offering a number of functional advantages.
Further, we have in our portfolio a number of chemicals which we manufacture and supply to the cosmetics, toiletry, rubber, plastics, precision instruments, pollution control, and agriculture industries.